World Series Animation

A little more experimenting from back around the MLB world series. My brother Bill loves the old NES game RBI Baseball and plays it every year around this time when he's bored, so I added in the cartridge error bumper to help the loop.




After years of simply being astounded by animation instead of messing around with it at all myself, I got into it a little last night. Here's my first-ever rotoscope.


I know it's a fairly simple thing, but it took ages. I now understand why all the animators back in college were so pale and wretched, yet so absolutely happy with what they were doing. It was an intoxicating process, and I barely slept. This seems to be a good use of time for exploration in the future, if only for fun.


It would be nice to do an update, even a small one, more than once a year. I admit that blogging isn't exactly at the forefront of my mind, but it's a good way to keep track of what I'm up to and how work is progressing. Here's a little something of what I've been making lately.


These are both the preliminary sils for a project I'm going to be working on all summer. They've made me giggle quite a bit in their creation. Switching up brushes to something a little more complicated that better mimics traditional materials is a real boon.


To be honest, I completely forgot I'd started a blog to keep my sketch work in. This week's been a good one for progress in digital and oil mediums. I've been mainly focusing in portraiture. 

Here's the first real experiment in digital medium. I'm not a great hand at it, but I finally feel like I'm making some headway. Here's some Blacksad fanart for you!


There's a long way to go yet, but it's nice to see the hours paying off. A couple weeks ago I wouldn't have been able to do it in quadruple the time.

Moving on, we have the oil sketch of the week, from the open model session I host every Tuesday (well, trying anyway). Our model this week was terrific, and it was nice to have a time limit to contend with. This is the production of an hour's time.


It's sketchy, but nice to get back to the basics. Feeling good about the progress on this front, as well.

And finally, a digital portrait to close out this week. This is for my buddy Rady (find him and his beautiful photography here). So glad he ended up liking this. I'm getting a little faster, so this portrait clocked out around one hour.

Oh, and one last thing -- my dream costuming for next year's Chewbacchus. This right here is why I'm working to get better and make the big bucks.



-- A


First post on the no-longer-just-blogging-now-a-professional website. Here's what I was getting into Saturday night. I've been too timid to use colors up until now, but I'm trying to prepare for a ton of work in gouache as I travel down the Mississippi river. Hopefully I can update here with all those images, too.